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NEW YORK (PIX11) — Two moms got together and put their entrepreneurial hats on to create a new clothing line designed for Generation Z.

Listening to their own kids, they found there was an opportunity to create and inspire a new generation with a brand geared toward their needs. Rachel Thebault and Neda Talebian Funk are the co-founders of a lifestyle brand aimed to make gen-zers feel comfortable and confident in the clothes they wear.

These moms thought there was a need for a new look and messaging when it came to clothing for teens, tweens and young women. They wanted their company to provide a better, sustainable product with positive brand messaging.

So, they launched Woodley and Lowe; neither Thebault nor Talebian ever produced apparel from scratch. Starting during the pandemic also meant that they weren’t able to visit factories or do fittings in person, everything was done over Zoom.

To help make the launch successful they tapped the perfect experts and “co-creators “ for their new brand by creating an Instagram focus group with about 150 teen girls. They polled them on everything from their logo to the brand, initial style and colors. They found working with them directly to be so valuable when creating a brand that was authentic to this generation.

They also created a new sizing system, making it less about what size you are and more about how you want to wear your clothes. Their mission is to make teens feel comfortable with what they wear and what they have to say — at the same time making super comfortable clothes.

As for the future, Thebault and Talebian want to expand their platform and set themselves apart by being less slick and less transactional.