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New York— Dr. Daryl Gioffre, a celebrity nutritionist and author who’s helped thousands of people overcome their cravings and transform their health, said acid is the enemy when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet.

It’s the focus of his book, “Get Off Your Acid.”

“There` are foods that make your body more alkaline, and there are foods that make your body more acidic,” he explained, “I want to say sugar is the biggest acid or drug of them all metabolize into lactic acid. Things like grains become sulfuric acid.”

The coronavirus pandemic packs a double dose of potential health sabotage, with a long-term lockdown leading to high levels of stress and sugar cravings.

“In the beginning, people were really focused on ‘`what can I do to boost my immunity,'” said Dr. Gioffre. “What I learned was that what the bigger issue people were having was that they’ve` gone to this stressful form of eating.”

Dr. Gioffre said people have gained upwards of twenty pounds because of this stressful diet.

“So, I’m really trying to help people go from this stressful form of eating more to a strength form of eating… more foods like darker green leafy vegetables, healthy fats,” he explained.

Dr. Gioffre said one of his favorite things to help people get off these sugar cravings is a drink mix using apple cider vinegar.

“Which has an ingredient called acetic acid, which is known to stabilize your insulin (and) your blood sugar,” he explained.

Mix the apple cider vinegar with some Ceylon cinnamon and sea salt in about eight ounces of water.

“You just sip that over the next 20, 30 minutes and if you have a craving,” he said. “That will stop that craving right in its tracks.”

Then there’s the “Sugar Craving Fat Bomb,” which is a simple mix of coconut oil and seal salt, that Dr. Gioffre said is packed with healthy saturated fat.

“I’m telling you, when you eat more fat it’s going to suppress hunger, it’s going to satiate you and it’s going to stop your body from craving those carbs right there in that moment,” he explained.

Dr. Gioffre said another tip to fight sugar cravings and stress eating is setting a goal of drinking up to three liters of water throughout the day.

“We have to understand that when these cravings come, thirst and hunger go to the same part of the brain, so many times, we weren’t hungry or craving that sugar, we were just dehydrated,” he said.

Dr. Gioffre said people just need to focus on adding good things into their body once again.

“And before you know it,” he said, “the good is going to start to outweigh the bad.”

For more tips on avoiding acids and eating more alkaline, you can visit Dr. Gioffre’s website here.