Get Off Your Sugar: Dr. Gioffre talks changing our relationship with sugar in new book


For years, Dr. Daryl Gioffre has told people to “get off their acid,” teaching people how to fight inflammation by cutting out highly acidic foods.

His new book, “Get Off Your Sugar: Burn the Fat, Crush Your Cravings, and Go From Stress Eating to Strength Eating,” targets the sweet stuff.

“We were blindsided by this pandemic, no one knew it was going to happen,” explained Dr. Gioffre, “When it did happen, most of us literally crawled into a fox hole and didn’t come out and what did we do, we started stress eating.”

Dr. Gioffre said stress eating usually leads to comfort foods, which are high in sugar, adding more stress to our bodies. Sugar is acidic and the withdrawals from trying to cut it out of your diet can be tough, he explained.

“Yeah, it’s nasty, I was addicted to sugar for a good portion of my life, so I know what that’s like from a personal standpoint,” he said.

In his new book, Dr. Gioffre breaks down a plan to cut out sugar in three phases: Phase 1 is a week-long detox; Phase 2 is a 3-week plan to fight sugar cravings and Phase 3 is all about creating a diet of “strength eating.”

“The number one step is to add minerals into the diet; that is the core of a strength eating protocol,” explained Dr. Gioffre. “The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is drink a green juice, it alkalizes it, energizes and most important, it’s going to lower your cravings for sugar.”

When it comes to cutting out sugar, Dr. Gioffre isn’t necessarily talking about cutting out candy bars from your diet.

“Sugar has literally snuck its way into our diets. It’s hiding in so many foods, in fact these manufacturers have gotten so smart, there’s over 62 different names of sugar,” explained Dr. Gioffre. “So if you look at the label, you’re going to see something like Maltose, or Dextrose, or Sucrose or Maltodextrin, and that’s where they got us.”

Dr. Gioffre said we need to get serious about address our sugar intake.

“But we’ve got to do it in a way that’s balanced, so that we can make this a lifestyle,” he explained. “This is not about a diet, it’s about a lifestyle for the long term.”

“Get Off Your Sugar” includes tips on how to maintain a diet free of sugar and recipes to help fight those sugar cravings.

To learn more about the book and Dr. Gioffre, you can visit his website by clicking here.

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