Floss Bar CEO pivots from teeth cleaning to COVID-19 testing with launch of Med Bar


NEW YORK — Eva Sadej founded Floss Bar in 2018. It started as a dental care bus that drove around offering mobile services to offices and its employees.

“When you think about it, physicians’ and dentists’ workdays overlap with Americans’ workdays,” said Sadej.

The idea was a hit, and the service expanded across the country. It included large mobile dental units, sidewalk pop-up locations, and even set-ups inside local pharmacies.

“So the customer is at work, so we go to work to provide the services,” explained Sadej, “and then the customer is walking down the street, they’re shopping, going to pick up their medications, so we embed right into the community.”

But Floss Bar took a big hit when the pandemic struck and the country went on lockdown.

“We crashed in April. Revenue was zero. It was really bad,” said Sadej.

So, to keep her business alive, Sadej made the pivot from Floss Bar to Med Bar, offering mobile COVID-19 testing.

“We checked 60 different vendors every single day. ‘What’s your price, how much do you have, when can it come,'” she would ask.

Med Bar follows the same business model as Floss Bar. They also offer services at the office, at pop-ups, and inside pharmacies. So far, they’ve tested more than a quarter-million people all across the country.

“We’re trying to be helpful. We’re trying to change minds about brick and mortar, physically ‘going there,’ and start thinking about new models and ways to deliver care to Americans that most easily fit into their habits,” said Sadej.

Med Bar accepts insurance and has grown beyond COVID-19 testing. They also offer vision screening, hearing exams, flu shots, and chiropractic and physical therapy.

“We’ve got to think outside the four walls,” said Sadej. “That’s why we’re a mobile health company.”

Sadej said she hopes to expands Med Bar services to include distributing COVID-19 vaccines in the future, as soon as they start to become more readily available.

If you want to learn more about Med Bar and its services, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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