Fashion icon Norma Kamali wants to change the way women look at aging with new book, ‘I Am Invincible’


When it comes to purpose in life, Norma Kamali has never doubted hers.   

“Doing things for women was really a natural, joyous experience for me,” said Kamali. 

Kamali is a fashion icon, perhaps known best for her sleeping bag coats and that famous red swimsuit that Farrah Fawcett donned in the 1970s. Today, she is 75 years old, newly engaged and now, an author. Her book is appropriately titled “I Am Invincible.”   

“At this age, I have so much to share for women not only to a wellness and healthy lifestyle, but also what the decades are about and how to get to them,” explained Kamali. “At 75, you really take perspective on what each decade in our lives mean.” 

Kamali said it was at 50 years of age when she realized there were no milestones for women — until now.  

“Reaching 50 is the beginning,” explained Kamali. “The beginning of this time in your life where you are so free on so many levels.” 

It’s why her book teaches women to have a healthy lifestyle so they can age with power.  In fact, Kamali said when she turned 50, she got rid of everything in her life that didn’t have a purpose.   

“The only furniture I have is furniture that actually has a purpose. A table to eat on, a desk to work at, a bed to sleep in and it’s beautiful, its’ simple,” explained Kamali. “Because of that, I believe my creativity is flourishing.” 

Kamali carries that theme throughout her life.  Normalife, the skin care line, consists of natural products, so you don’t have to wear makeup to glow.    

“Olive oil, aloe, charcoal. Beautiful ingredients, and timeless, that work,” she explained.  

Timeless, because Kamali is not done yet. 

If you want to learn more about Norma Kamali and her book, you can visit her website.

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