EBY underwear brand focuses on inclusivity, empowering women with ‘microfinance’ business loans


EBY is a popular subscription underwear brand, but co-founder Renata Black said the company is more than just the products they sell.

“EBY is a women’s empowerment brand,” she explained. “We deliver killer products and purpose in a box, giving 10% of our proceeds to help women start businesses to come out of poverty.”

That 10% goes to the Seven Bar Foundation, an organization founded by Black after she lived in India for two years. It provides microfinance programs offering small loans that make a big difference to women all around the world.

“So, with a small loan like around $70 you can help a woman start her own business,” explained Black. “The one thing that she does when she does come out of poverty is send her kids to school, so you’re basically breaking the cycle of poverty for her children.”

EBY also wants to break the cycle of what women normally see in underwear ads. Inclusivity with sizing is a big part of EBY’s marketing strategy.

“Women want to see themselves in ads and that’s really important,” said Black.

The brand also has some major star power behind it with co-founder actress Sofia Vergara.

“She cares really about microfinance and it’s important for her to be able to support companies that enable other women into business,” said Black. “She’s a huge spokesperson for empowering women into business.”

EBY is partnering with Deepak Chopra’s “Love in Action” campaign, which focuses on mental wellness for the first-ever EBY + Love in Action awards in honor of Women’s History Month. The event is dedicated to highlighting women who are nominated by people who they’ve inspired.

“I think it’s a time for us to really recognize each other,” explained Black. “So we’re really spreading this message of gratitude and acknowledging the women in our lives.”

The women who are nominated have a chance to win a four night stay at a beachside villa. The awards share the spirit of empowerment that EBY strives to spread year-round, by helping women become entrepreneurs

So, what is it about owning a business that empowers women and makes them feel different?

“You just feel so self-sufficient and you feel so powerful and you feel so confident that it doesn’t matter what comes across your way that you can take care of yourself,” said Black.

The virtual EBY + Love in Action awards event is set for March 29. The deadline to nominate the inspirational woman in your life is March 13. To learn more about EBY, the Love in Action awards event and their microfinance programs, click here.

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