Paul Tudisco is a person with cerebral palsy supported by the ADAPT Community Network. 

But now he’s giving back in more ways than one, helping folks with limited mobility and setting an example of what life can look like without limits. 

“I started looking into my product when it was just a thought in my mind,” said Tudisco. 

 Paul’s vision led him to create the ‘Limitless Stylus,’ a device that allows people with mobility issues to use touchscreen devices. It’s a struggle he understands all too well as a person living with cerebral palsy supported by the ADAPT Community Network. The device was born nearly a decade ago, after Paul attended a program at NYU through a partnership with ADAPT. 

“Thanks to ADAPT and their partnerships, I’m where I’m at today,” said Paul. 

Paul creates each Stylus at home with his 3D printer. They come in different sizes and designs, and business is booming with orders even coming from overseas.  

Paul is also an ADAPT employee, putting his tech expertise to work as a Help Desk Specialist and assisting people supported by ADAPT by troubleshooting various I.T. issues. 

“I’m very good with technology,” explained Paul, “if you give me a problem, if I’m face to face with the problem, I know how to solve it most of the time.” 

Peter Cobb Is ADAPT’s Director of Community Outreach.   

“I never had a doubt that he would succeed in his job in ADAPT where he was helping people with tech issues,” said Peter Cobb Is ADAPT’s Director of Community Outreach, adding “because I’ve seen that happening in real time.” 

Paul didn’t stop there, the born entrepreneur decided to tackle another challenge: getting his real estate license. 

“I know what to look for when you have to move into a disability-friendly place,” explained Paul. 

ADAPT Educational Specialist Sean Toth helped Paul prepare for his real estate exam. 

“He enrolled on his own in a 75-hour course and we met several times a week and went over questions,” said Toth, adding that “he doesn’t look at his disability as a big obstacle, he wants people to see him for who he is.” 

 Paul said that’s exactly why he took on that challenge, “to show people with disabilities, if you put your mind to it, there’s no stopping to wherever you want to go.” 

Paul has a life-long connection with ADAPT, taking part in programs at the organization as a child. He recently applied for a grant program through ADAPT to help make the bathroom in his new home fit his needs. 

“Without these programs, people with disabilities would be out of luck,” explained Paul. 

 He wants his accomplishments to serve as an inspiration to others. 

“I don’t want people giving up, that’s my main goal,” explained Paul, “if I don’t give up on something, I don’t want nobody else to give up, I want them to follow their dreams.”