CBD oil treats pets ailments

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HUDSON HEIGHTS — Some of the CBD’s industry’s biggest consumers aren’t even human. They are pets! Last year, the sale of CBD pet products quadrupled to $32 million, according to the Brightfield Research Group. And our changemaker  is a leading lady in unleashing CBD products to help heal our animals.

The dogs come running to her for relief. Angela Ardolino is a holistic pet expert who created CBD Dog Health, which treats a host of ailments.

“Stress, anxiety, fear – things like that,” Ardolino said. “So it regulates that but also controls inflammation throughout the entire body.”

Ardolino knew full well what CBD can do for the body, she was using it to battle her arthritis.

“Not only did it get rid of my joint pain and inflammation, it reduced my anxiety levels and stress went down,” she said.

Being an avid animal activist, who runs a rescue farm, she went on to study how CBD can help animals. She was one of the first graduates in the “medical cannabis for therapeutic use” from the University of Vermont. So four years ago, Ardolino threw herself into this business .

“I basically created created human grade products for pets,” she said.

The products, which are sold all over the country, including here at Cafe Bark, are used to treat all animals.  While the products are not regulated yet by the FDA, Ardolino says there are many vets who are now using CBD to heal pets.

Ardolino is active in “Women Grow” and an activist for making safe, ethically grown hemp and medical cannabis available for people and animals. In her spare time- she also hosts a weekly pet podcast called a “Dog’s Life.”


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