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BRONX, New York — After 18 months away. Kids are back in classrooms. Sherri Jackson — an English and language arts teacher at Kipp All Middle School in the Bronx — crafted a way to make the transition less daunting and more comfortable for her students.

The project, “Because Children Need Self-Care, Too” was funded through the platform Donors Choose, which allows people to donate much-needed resources to classrooms.

Sherri said self-care centered on children is sorely missing, even during difficult times.

New York-based food startup Daily Harvest partnered with the platform to help teachers reach their funding goals. And with that funding secured, Sherri was able to provide her students with wellness kits that included essential oils, self-care books, and other resources.

Eventually, Sherri hopes students will take what she’s helped them learn and spread it to others.