Broadway actor turns her digital marking ‘side hustle’ into a thriving, full-time business


NEW YORK — Rachel Schur Chase is a digital marketing expert and founder of Schur Thing Media. She helps businesses and people use social media and websites to build their brands, and increase their bottom line online.

Before the pandemic, Schur Chase was an actor living her dream singing and dancing in the musical “Chicago” on Broadway. It was her second stint on the Great White Way, following a role in “Jersey Boys,” but then COVID turned the bright lights of Broadway dark.

So how did a Broadway actor become CEO of a digital marketing company?

“So, if you talk to any actor, we all [have] some kind of side hustle,” Schur Chase explained. “I knew I had to figure out some kind of skill or other certification and I got certified in digital marketing.”

Before COVID, Schur Chase managed just a few social media accounts on the side for businesses while working on her shows.

“When the shutdown happened, I think word of mouth started to circulate, and there were brick-and-mortar stores and no one was going in these stores,” she explained. “I was helping them streamline their Instagram and social accounts to their online e-commerce stores, making it one-stop shopping. Before I knew it, from one to 15 clients overnight.”

Now, Schur Chase’s former side hustle brings in upwards of $10,000 a month as a full-time business. Her husband, Ben, is also an actor and her business partner.

“Yeah, he’s become like an SEO genius and he’s helped with building websites and e-commerce sites,” said Schur Chase.

Digital marketing is becoming an essential tool for many businesses and social media becomes a tool used for marketing and brand building.

“It’s only going to keep growing,” said Schur Chase. “Now we’re forging on to TikTok; it just will never stop, it’s just going to keep evolving.”

When it comes to tips on how to make a professional pandemic pivot, Schur Chase said don’t be afraid of life.

“It’s going to throw some curve balls at you no matter what,” Schur Chase explained. “My husband and I are just kind of the ‘say yes and figure it out as we go,’ and I think that has really helped us.”

While Schur Chase is happy with the success of her digital marketing business, she can’t wait for the day Broadway is allowed to open its doors again.

“I think it really going to be an unbelievable, magical night,” she said.

To learn more about Schur Thing Media you can visit their website and Instagram page.

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