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THE BRONX — Seeing your child take their first steps is a milestone parents cherish.

In this week’s Changemakers, we’re introducing you to one woman at a special preschool who is bringing smiles to children’s faces, with each step they take, and tears of joy to parent’s eyes.

Kaylee was diagnosed with leukoencephalopathy, which affects the brain and spinal cord.

Just two years ago, Kaylee was non-ambulatory, which means she could not walk. Then she started preschool at Adapt Bronx Children’s Program.

Bonnie Marietta-Gliptis, who is her physical therapist, works daily with Kaylee, and she says the number one goal was to get her to move. “We hit a point where all of a sudden it clicked, and Kaylee was walking beautifully, so I had mom come in and the sight of Kaylee brought tears to her eyes.”

The Adapt Universal Preschool is the largest preschool provider in New York City, and it’s free. The program is available in all five boroughs, with a total of 13 schools.