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NEW YORK (PIX11) – What started as a barrage of insults against a fellow straphanger turned into a full-on mixed gender subway brawl and ended in four arrests.

It happened shortly after 4 a.m. Saturday on a Queens-bound F train.

The video “Man slaps the soul out of girl on the NY subway,” uploaded to YouTube by user MrDratliff23, begins with a young woman yelling at a man, saying his jacket is outdated and making fun of his hat. Two women, presumably her friends, clap in support from the bench.

“You wanna know what kind of shoes I got on? I got Steve Maddens on,” she said.

That’s when the man behind the camera made the mistake of chiming in.

“Don’t nobody want Steve Maddens no more,” he said.

The agitator jumps up and is joined by two other women. The rider in the Steve Madden shoes then charges toward the videographer and slaps the camera out of his hand – twice.

By this point, the target of her insults has made his way to the center of the car. They exchange words. She tells him he sounds “stupid,” winds up and smacks him toward his head with her heels.

That’s when the man slapped her back and total chaos ensues, with previously uninvolved parties joining in the brawl.

A few riders intervened but not before several punches are landed. The fight broke started to fizzle out as the videographer stopped recording.

Four people — two men and two women — were met by police officers when the train arrived at its next stop and arrested.

They face charges of assault and disorderly conduct, according to police.

The suspects were identified by NYPD as Jorge Pena, 25, of Manhattan; Kevin Gil, 21, of the Bronx; Danay Howard, 21, of Manhattan; Shanique Campbell, 20, of Manhattan.

Footage of the tumult was posted online Saturday and has since garnered more than 655,000 views.