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On National Perseverance Day, Best-Selling Author Sander A. Flaum Releases "Perseverance as a Means to Overcome Your Life's Obstacles"

NEW YORK, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Best-Selling author Sander A. Flaum's latest tome, "Perseverance as a Means to Overcome Your Life's Obstacles,", honors perseverance and recounts his life-long struggle with debilitating stuttering and how—with perseverance and mindfulness—he transcended his affliction.

The subtitle says it all. "How I did it and How You Can Too!"

The book weaves in early childhood (when he was bullied for stuttering like Porky Pig) to being turned down for a (well-deserved) corporate VP job because the Board said, "We can't promote Sander. He has a mental illness. He stutters."

Sander proved them all wrong. He became the former marketing head of Lederle Laboratories (now Pfizer) and introduced six blockbuster brands, each exceeding $2 billion in sales. He founded, and now runs, Flaum Navigators, a brand marketing consultancy with a team that includes the former Associate Commissioner of the FDA.  Along the way he attended The Ohio State University where he befriended John Glenn who wrote the forward to his book, The 100-Mile Walk, A Father and Son Quest to find the Essence of Leadership. He also got Bobby Kennedy's attention and briefly served as one of his junior speech writers.

Sander created (and is the official sponsor of) National Perseverance Day because he says he belongs to an exclusive club that includes stutters like Marilyn Monroe, Jack Welch, Samuel L. Jackson, Emily Blunt, Amanda Gorman, Ed Sheeran and Aristotle. Like other stutters, Sander has learnt to use tricks like avoiding trigger words (like baaad), transitioning with words like "um" and breathing slowly through the nose to slow down speech (also a great tip for public speakers).

Sander is the first to admit it hasn't been easy. Now an Octogenarian, he works at it every day and practices when watching TV by mimicking the newscasters. He attributes much of his success to his mother Rose who encouraged him and told him to "be smarter and work harder." He even started a stuttering foundation named after her, The Rose Flaum Stuttering Foundation.

Everyone facing an obstacle needs a plan. Here's Sanders.

6-Prong Plan for Overcoming Life's Obstacles
  • Start Small. To build confidence, pick one thing you love and do it every day.
  • Walk it Off. Walking helps combat adversity.
  • Know the Facts. Don't self-blame. If necessary, hire a therapist.
  • Embrace Spirituality. Mindfulness fortifies the mind and the soul.
  • Ditch All Obstacles. If it doesn't enrich you, it's an obstacle.
  • Change the Scenery. New experiences help build perseverance.

Sander A. Flaum has been profiled in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press. He is a shining example of a life well-lived. Against all odds he persevered, and came out strong on the other side.

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