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LAURELTON, Queens — A 5th grader sought refuge in sewing after she was bullied at school, and this week, she can say she’s a fashion designer who debuted her line at New York Fashion Week.

Ify Ufele is far from your average 5th grader. The 10-year-old designs a clothing line, Chubii, which caters to all ages and body types.

Ufele was inspired to start her clothing line after she was bullied in school.

“They would call me all types of names,” Ufele said. “They would shove my school lunch on the floor.”

Her family said the abuse became so bad, Ufele didn’t want to go to school anymore. However, the straight-A student found refuge in sewing. Today she creates clothes for children and adults in a wide range of sizes.

Ufele made her New York Fashion Week debut this year. Her clothes were featured in a small boutiques show.

Ufele’s family supports her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her grandmother taught her how to sew and her mom is her manager. Ufele also works with Strike A Pose Models and Management to highlight her creations.