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Some parents say a popular park and ball field in Westchester County has been converted into a parking lot for construction equipment since last August.

Mother of two Kally Atkins says she fought like so many of other parents in Larchmont to help renovate her son’s favorite playground, Pine Brook Park.

She went to door to door helping to raise $30,000.

Just when she thought she had her dream park, the tractors moved in.

Under all that construction equipment and tractors was a ball field.

Now it’s a parking lot for bulldozers and construction equipment for a long awaited $1.7 million project to fix sidewalks and curbs in the village.

Hitting delay after delay for nearly six months now, this federal and state project has taken over their park.

“My older daughter asked what was going on in the middle of the park and why there was a tractor parked there and half the time there is no work being done and it’s just sitting there and the materials are just sitting there. It’s really frustrating!” Atkins said.

We had to ask the mayor of Larchmont Anne MacAndrews what was going on.

“Be patient with us, we are trying very hard. We are on the side of the parents. We are not trying to take away anything. Construction is construction!” she told us.

According to McAndrews, she is just as frustrated as the parents and hears their complaints.

She says its federal and state red tape at its worst and the project will still take months to complete.

But she says there is a silver lining.

The contractor promised a better ball field once it’s done with construction.

“By the fall we will be done with the sidewalk and repair the field and this will all be a distant and miserable memory!” the mayor said.

So for five long months, parents will have to bare this eyesore in the middle of their field of dreams.

Pix11 news will make sure these bulldozers are out of here so these kids can have their ball field back.