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UPPER EAST SIDE — Rain poured down Sunday and is forecasted to continue through Tuesday, but determined BTS fans are still lined up for the Korean pop group’s Wednesday “Good Morning America” concert in Central Park.

When some fans began camping out on the corner of 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue days ago, the NYPD sent out a warning against using tents. So the group’s committed fans, known as ARMYs, are using umbrellas, rain coats and blue tarps to protect themselves.

“Honestly, at this point we’ve been out here for three days anyway,” fan Nicole Lyons said. “We already sacrificed a lot of time and effort. So what’s one day of rain?”

They say it’s all worth it.

“This is like the least we could do to show them ‘we appreciate all you’re doing for us, we appreciate what you’re doing in terms of the direction of your music,'” Lyons said.

One BTS fan who skipped Mother’s Day celebrations to wait to see BTS did have a message for mom.

“I do wish I was with my mother. But I missed it cause I wanna wait for BTS for a little,” Milka Delarza said. “I want to be able to get front line. Mom if you’re out there- happy Mother’s Day!”

The seven-member band from South Korea will perform Wednesday. Fans say they’ll be there until then.