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A Brooklyn woman says she suffered second-degree burns when a flight attendant spilled a cup of hot tea on her lap during a Thanksgiving flight.

Janine Linton was on Frontier Airlines flight 423 from LaGuardia Airport to Atlanta at the time of the alleged incident.

“The flight attendant may have lost her balance or got distracted and the tea spilled on Janine,” attorney Janai Jackson told PIX11 News.

Linton said that once the hot water was spilled on her, she went to the bathroom and noticed something terribly wrong.

“The skin from my leg is starting to remove and the color is starting to change,” she said.

A doctor on the flight helped until the plane landed. Linton says she was taken by ambulance from the airport to the Marcus Trauma Center at Grady Hospital in Atlanta. She was diagnosed with second-degree burns and is still undergoing treatment.

Jackson says Frontier Airlines has not followed up with Linton.

“She was severely burned on this plane and Frontier Airlines hasn’t done anything about,” the lawyer said.

A Frontier Airlines spokesperson said: “The safety, comfort and security of our passengers is our top priority. We are in the process of thoroughly researching this situation and have been in touch with the passenger.”