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EAST VILLAGE — How do you say thank you to your mother for all the years she raised you? For all the years she put her children first. And all the years she made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

“It’s a small act of love but it meant a lot that she cared about me and I knew I could count on her for that,” artist Jessica Olah said as she made sandwiches Friday night.

Olah, who lives in Brooklyn, has spent her days at the East Village gallery “Specials on C” since Wednesday making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She plans to make 2,340 by Sunday night.

“2,340 is the number of school days there are between kindergarten and 12th grade,” Olah said. “That’s such a huge number. I can’t even comprehend doing that for somebody for so long.”

Currently, Olah said she makes about 50 an hour.

It is a sandwich millions of people eat every day. But the sandwich in this art project shows the sacrifice a mother makes.

“She stayed at home with us while we were growing up and then went back as a teacher later in life,” Olah said.

Olah is donating all the sandwiches she makes to the Bowery Mission twice a day. They will go to the needy people who come there for food.

“This is an awesome, awesome, awesome project they are doing and it is helping so much,” Trevor Mathura of the Bowery Mission said.

The peanut butter was donated and Olah raised money through an online fundraising campaign to buy the jelly, bread and bags.

Olah will be at “Specials on C” gallery until Sunday evening. It is open to the public.