BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) — Sandwiches, bakeries, and coffee shops are serious business in New York City.  

There’s competition on every corner.  

A new place in Brooklyn is worker-owned with a family story.  

At Sea & Soil on President Street in Red Hook, the special sandwiches have unique flavors and they’re made with heart. They’re also priced on a sliding scale. 

From braised pork and trout to vegan specialties on homemade bread, the sandwiches are designed to surprise and satisfy. 

Fermented pepper spread and creamy horseradish are part of the seasonal condiments. The sourdough is from a family starter and recipe. It’s made each evening and baked in the morning.  

The cafe and bakery opened in Brooklyn in August. Gaby Gignoux-Wolfsohn and Noah Wolf have been making sandwiches and baking for years.  

During the pandemic, they started a pop-up and sold at local markets.  

A storefront cafe and bakery have been the dream and they’re sharing it in more ways than one. The shop is worker-owned staff members get invested in the business and help set the direction for the future.  

Customers called the sandwiches delicious and adventurous.