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CHINATOWN, Manhattan — Caridad Albarodo, who owns the Grace Hair Salon on Essex Street grew increasingly concerned over the past few days because of a foul odor creeping into her salon.

Then on Monday, she saw blood seeping into her bathroom from the ceiling.

Albarodo called her landlord, who sent his son to check out the blood — but said they did not seem concerned.

“He went upstairs, knocked on the door and came back down,” Albarado said. “I said, ‘did you find something?’ He said, no, and I said, ‘of course he isn’t going to answer, he’s dead.'”

Albarado arrived at her shop the next day to find even more blood coming through the ceiling. She closed her shop for the day and called police, who took one look at the blood and entered the second floor apartment through the fire escape.

That’s when they discovered the body of a 27-year-old man, lying face up in his bed.

Neighbors say he was a construction worker, who kept to himself and recently lost his job.

Police removed the badly decomposed body on Tuesday. A cause of death has not yet been released.