Touchdown NYC connects justice-impacted individuals with mentors who know personally what it takes to rebuild a life after incarceration. Their members have successfully navigated reentry and acted as advocates throughout the strenuous process of applying for work, housing, and benefits. 

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Women’s World of Boxing is the first and only women’s boxing gym in New York City. Former Heavyweight boxer Reese Scott started the Women’s World of Boxing Club in 2007 to offer women a safe, comfortable and uplifting environment to learn the sport of boxing.

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Black People Will Swim’s mission is plain and simple. It’s all smashing the stereotype that Black people don’t swim. Paulana Lamonier, CEO of Black People Will Swim, wants to teach New York’s Black people how to swim and is working to create solutions for barriers that keep Black people out of the water.  

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Lizzie Sheehan contributed to this project.