NEWARK, N.J. (PIX11) – Not many dentists can easily brighten your day. But not many dentists are Dr. Suffiyah Webb.

“I can come here and be colorful and be myself and really put my personality on display and have a great time,” said Webb.

Webb brings dental health and total body wellness to many families in and around Newark. Her practice is Brilliant Smiles Pediatric Dentistry on Halsey Street, just blocks from where her journey began.

“I went to high school here, I went to preschool here, and I was born right at Beth Israel, where I do those operating room cases,” said Webb. “Kids come in and they find out I’m from here and they find out which school I went to, and they find out that I live here, that really cements the bond that I have between them and their families.”

She’s overcome adversity, including the COVID-19 pandemic forcing her to shut down her practice after just opening it in 2020, and other dark times in her life.

“I actually lost my parents at a young age,” said Webb. “I’ve had a wonderful support system, great grandparents, great family that has really been supportive and they’ve been my rock, so I feel very blessed to be able to dream something and to make it come to fruition.”

Not only can she perform dental surgery, but she also makes balloon animals, making her a dentist that is all about smiles, in every sense of the word.

“You can make a decision for your life and you can make a plan, follow through with the plan, and ultimately you can live your dream or you can attain success, whatever that means for you,” said Webb.