HARLEM, Manhattan (PIX11) — Jessica Spaulding and Asha Dixon started the Harlem Chocolate Factory with the idea of sharing their culture through chocolate. The historic neighborhood is their home, and now they want to spread their yummy artistic creations to the world. 

They met as undergraduates at Spelman College. Their friendship quickly grew into a sisterhood and, eventually, a partnership. 

“She called me one day, and she said, ‘hey, I got this really great idea,’” Dixon recalls.

Five years after graduating, The two co-founded Harlem Chocolate, located on Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard. 

It started as a business plan competition through the New York Public Library that became an opportunity of a lifetime. The two created a business model with Asha’s corporate hospitality background and Jessica’s English and Arts degree. 

It was an idea that evolved into an actual business in 2015. After winning the competition, they used the $15,000 award to start the Harlem Chocolate Factory and even made it to the list of Oprah‘s favorite things. 

From Bon Bons to truffles based on traditional African American Sunday desserts, and the Speakeasy collection inspired by the Harlem renaissance and civil rights movement, “the essence of Harlem in every bite.”

“Harlem’s impact throughout the world reverberates through African-American culture, and African-American culture has shifted the world,” said Spaulding.

Their goal is to grow their business and leave behind a legacy of inspiration. 

“I hope that through our work that, we continue to inspire people along the way, who may be thinking of unconventional feats, and show that you can do it if you put your mind to it,” said Dixon.