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NEW YORK – Whether it’s a utility deposit left unclaimed or stock dividends not received, there are billions of dollars lying dormant in New York and New Jersey state coffers.

According to the Office of the State Comptroller, that figure is now in the range of $14 billion in New York State alone.  New York officials say they reunite roughly $1 million with the rightful owners each day.

Check to see if your name is in the New York unclaimed funds database

In Manhattan alone, there is a whopping $1.4 billion sum in the unclaimed funds department.  In Brooklyn, that number is $562 million; in the Bronx, $250 million; in Queens, $486 million; and in Staten Island, $59 million.

Current and former residents can check to see if they are owed any of that money by searching for their names here.

Check to see if your name is in the New Jersey unclaimed funds database

In New Jersey, the figures aren’t quite as high, but are still staggeringly large.  The state returned a record $125.1 million in unclaimed funds and property in 2013.

New Jersey residents can check here to see if they are owed money.