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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (CNN) — Beards are big, in size and popularity. Now we’re finding out some are also dirty as a toilet.

What can be found on random samples of men’s facial hair? This story may give you a new appreciation for a clean, shaven face.

“These are the types of things that cause urinary tract infection,” John Golobic, a microbiologist at Quest Diagnostic said.

A handful of brave men allowed the researchers to swab their beards to see what, if anything, is growing in them.

What they found even blew the mind of this microbiologist. “I’m usually not that surprised and I was surprised by this,” Golobic said.

All of the beards had a lot of bacteria — but it’s still the normal stuff you’d find on most surfaces. The test shows beards trap and hold quite a bit.

In the petri dish, Golobic commented on all the colors of bacteria breeding.

“They’re lovely aren’t they? It’s because we’ve never had them until now … these are enterics, these are the types of things you find in feces.”

This is a collection of …. dirty. Golobic says this bacteria won’t make you sick, “but here would be a degree of un-cleanliness that would be somewhat disturbing.”

Golobic recommends a thorough beard scrubbing, lots of hand washing and “try to keep your hands away from you face. As much as possible.”

Some sound advice — especially as the beard revolution seems to be at its peak. Golobic tells us if the city was to find samples like this in their water system, they’d shut it down for disinfecting.