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SURF CITY, N.C. — Leaving the beach with a few new shells and shark teeth is considered a good day. But when the shark tooth is millions of years old, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Colossal shark teeth that have been washing up on beaches in North Carolina are actually fossils. Experts at the Aurora Fossil Museum say they stem of a prehistoric shark-like creature called the Megalodon, estimating to be about 60 feet long, WITN reported.

“I felt like I was a lottery winner or something,” Denny Blend, the beachgoer who found the rare fossil, told the Greenville, N.C. station.

The North Carolina coast is a well-known spot to find fossilized teeth from the Megalodon. according to experts, who add that the rain and high tides from Hurricane Joaquin may have brought them to the Surf City shores. They’ve been found in record amounts since the beginning of October.