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STATEN ISLAND – The baby sitter charged with killing 16-month-old Staten Island toddler faced the family of the young boy amid sobs, shrieks of pain and shouts of “you should rot in hell forever.”

Assistant District Attorney said about the death of tiny Anthony Delgado, “Gloria Fields heinously and horrifically tortured a baby to death and deserves life in prison.”

But when she detailed the actual abuse, including “slamming the baby’s face to the ground” and “shoving a Crayola pencil up his rectum and leaving it there for a day and a half,” several family members started shouting obscenities at the babysitter and had to be escorted out of the court room.

Fields was arraigned on murder, manslaughter and sexual abuse charges.

The mother of the toddler left court surrounded by family members. Marta Delgado, the boy’s mother, said nothing.

But others spoke.

Delgado’s great aunt, Linda Cromwell said through her tears, “she needs to be punished for what she did.”

Grandfather Roger Simpson said he was shocked to hear the allegation about the Crayon. “That was just a little baby,” but he added, “God will judge her.”

And aunt Krystal Gordon said Fields is not known for being a babysitter. “Everyone knows she’s unstable. Everyone knows she does drugs.”

In the District Attorney’s complaint, Fields was said to have used heroin several times over the course of the weekend.

Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon said:

“For 48 hours, this depraved woman systematically tortured a 16-month-old baby. No creature on this earth, let alone an innocent child, deserves to undergo such horrific torment.”