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ADELAIDE, Australia (PIX11) — Good Samaritans from all over are weaving little mittens for koalas who have had a hard time recently in copious brushfires.

International Fund for Animal Welfare has asked that people sew their own koala mittens (based on their template online) and send them in to local wildlife care centers.

According to ABC, koalas will use the tiny mittens to cover bandages from burns, which will speed up recovery, and return to wild.

Already this year, several koalas have been rescued from fires, but euthanized because of their injuries.

Jilea Carney of IFAW says it’s impossible to know how many mittens they need — any koala found dehydrated or injured should be brought to a treatment center

“We’ve got probably 400 mittens here and if we had a fire,” Cheyne Flanagan of Port Macquerie Koala Hospital told ABC. “We’d go through them in a week.”

She says local care centers normally accommodate 25 to 30 koalas, but during a fire, capacity may be overflowing at around 100 koalas.

Many have taken to social media to show the adorable mittens they’ve made: