(STORYFUL) — A New York man’s planned trip to Sydney, Australia, was delayed in late January when he accidentally booked a flight to Sidney, Montana.

Kingsley Burnett, originally from Jamaica, shared photos and videos of his unexpected journey to the “Treasure State.” After departing New York’s La Guardia airport late on Jan. 26, Burnett landed in Billings, Montana, the following morning.

While travelers can connect from Billing to Sidney, Montana, about 250 miles east of Billings, they cannot not fly to Sydney, Australia, which is more than 8,300 miles in the other direction. Speaking to Storyful, Burnett said he was surprised and disappointed to see the Montana landscape upon arrival.

“I had to find out for myself that Billings, Montana, would only take me to Sidney, Montana, where there are no kangaroos waiting to welcome Mr Burnett,” he lamented.

Burnett told the New York Post he realized his mistake when he saw the size of the plane he boarded.

“I saw the little plane with like nine passengers and wondered, “‘how is that going to get me to Australia?’” Burnett said.

Burnett had reportedly planned on flying from La Guardia to Australia, where he was slated to take a cruise departing from Sydney harbor, local media reported.

“My story in a bottle ended with Carol Castellano at the American Airlines counter as she tried to send me to the correct place – unfortunately that turned out to be back to NYC after a night out in Billings. Thanks Carol,” Burnett told Storyful.

Burnett told Storyful he rescheduled his trip to Sydney, Australia, for June 13.