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NEW YORK— Meet Coach Mike.

He’s one of the recess Play Coaches sent to various New York City public schools to get kids movin’ and playin’ during recess.

In fact, many schools across the U.S. have either reduced or eliminated recess in recent years.

Besides the need for physical activity, what ever happened to having fun?

“They are dying to play, they just need some of the tools to do that,” Ben Gologor, Asphalt Green’s Associate Director of Recess Programs, said.

That’s where Asphalt Green comes in.

The nonprofit created a Recess Enhancement Program that gets kids active through organized games.

The program’s been so successful, it’s expanding to 45 more elementary schools.

“They’re having a good time , they don’t necessarily see recess as part of their learning but in all honesty, it’s very much a part of it,” Daniel Kim, Principal of P.S. 134 said.

“We get to play tags and Johnny come over and jump rope,” Amanda, a student at P.S. 134, said.

“Math is really fun for me so this is technically the second favorite part of my school,” Gregory said.

As part of its partnership with the New York City Board of Ed, Asphalt Green is now reaching more than 46-thousand students a week.

“I think it’s fun and I think you work together with other kids and you make new friends and that’s the thing I like about it,” a student named Christina said.

And the one thing the students and their teachers both agree on:

Recess, both indoor and outdoor, gets a thumbs up!

Don’t believe me?

Let’s rock, paper, scissor it!