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NEW YORK (PIX11) – With every swipe, commuters in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area show the importance of the transit system.

Ridership is at record levels on subways, buses and railroads that lead to the metropolitan area.

Just ask anyone who is looking for a seat.

In Albany, the legislative session is underway. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo submitted an executive budget proposal in January.

While it includes some additional transit funding in certain areas, the Governor’s budget concerns the Riders Alliance. The advocacy group calls one particular $40 million dollar decrease a “raid of transit funds.”

A final legislative budget proposal will be submitted at the end of March. Another round of fare and toll hike discussions will begin in the summer at the MTA.

Riders in the New York area already pay a higher percentage compared to other systems. PIX11 looked at the prices for monthly passes on commuter railroads in other big cities.

Using trip planners from each agency, here’s a comparison of the monthly-pass price for a 30-minute commute.