NEW YORK (PIX 11) — A nasal spray designed to combat snoring is being voluntarily recalled by its manufacturer due to a potentially deadly microbial contamination, federal officials announced Monday.

California-based Green Pharmaceuticals Inc. is recalling one lot of its SnoreStop NasoSpray, the US Food and Drug Administration said in a press release.

FDA testing found traces of the Providencia rettgeri microorganism in lot 2373/21222 of the product’s 0.3 FL OZ bottles, the agency said.

While Providencia rettgeri is rarely associated with human illness, use of the contaminated spray could cause severe or potentially deadly illnesses in immunocompromised individuals, including sepsis and pneumonia, the FDA said. Users who are not immunocompromised may experience less severe, more treatable complications.

Green Pharmaceuticals Inc. is yet to receive any reports of adverse effects connected to the lot, according to the FDA.