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The nature of news is to expose the worst us us, often ignoring the best of us.

It is why we know the names of two brothers who used out freedoms to attack America at the Boston Marathon, and yet those still fighting for America and its freedoms in Afghanistan are a news afterthought.

The word hero is so perversely defined that we apply if to self-centered multi-millionaire athletes, when real everyday heroes, like teachers and police officers, go underpaid and unrecognized.  It’s no wonder the news can make one grow cynical.   And it is why it is important to report stories of true heroes like Cameron Lyle.
Lyle is a track and field star at the University of New Hampshire.  But competition on the field is not what makes him a hero.  It was a decision not to compete.
Cameron, a senior at UNH, and a record breaking shotputer and hammer thrower, has decided not to compete in upcoming championship and national competitions because he discovered that he is a bone marrow match for a 28 year old leukemia patient who has 6 months to live without a transplant.  After the operation and the rehab, Cameron’s college career will be over.  He gave up his dreams and what he has trained his whole life for, because an opportunity beyond his wildest dreams was presented to him by fate.  Or as Cameron puts it, “It’s just a sport.  I’ve been given the chance to save a life.”
Most news stories inspire only cynicism.  the story of Cameron Lyle inspires us to become better people.  It inspired me.  I’ve signed up to find out if I am a match for someone who needs bone marrow and you can too at
Pass the web address and this story on to others .  We all need to do a better job of telling stories that inspire us to be heroes – like Cameron Lyle.