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Sunnyside, QUEENS (PIX11) — We’ve had to deal with the polar vortex, and snowstorm after snowstorm, but since February 1st  New Yorkers haven’t had to worry about moving their cars. That’s about to change with alternate side parking rules back in effect.

The suspension ends officially starting Monday, February 23rd. The Department of Transportation needs to clean the snow, ice and remaining debris.

In Queens, we found many drivers with a lot of digging out ahead of them on Sunday night. Alternate side parking rules have been suspended in the city since February 1st, but that ends on Monday. It was a 22-day stretch.

Because of the ice, brooms haven’t been able to sweep the alternate-side routes.

The DOT needs to clean the snow, and general mess that’s accumulated from the bad weather.

Residents in Sunnyside, Queens Sunday night voiced concerns about digging out, and also finding a spot after all this time.

On Sundays and holidays, parking rules are always suspended..