Alleged ‘Junior’ stabber’s cruel joke: ‘He’s not gonna eat for a good, long time’

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THE BRONX —  In testimony that drew gasps from courtroom spectators,  cooperating witness Michael “Sosa” Reyes testified that one of Junior’s stabbers made a shocking comment in the getaway car Sosa was driving.

Speaking about “the one with the red hat,”  Reyes testified the man said about the young victim he had just stabbed: “He’s not gonna eat for a good, long time, because I hit him in the neck.”

The guy with the red hat did more than just hit 15-year-old Lesandro “Junior” Guzman Feliz in the neck, according to prosecutors.

The blade from his 4 ½ inch knife allegedly sliced the teenager’s jugular vein.

Reyes identified the stabber in court, when the prosecutor showed him still images of murder defendant Jonaiki Martinez Estrella.

Earlier, Reyes had identified another defendant charged with murder in the first degree, Jose Muniz.

He knew Muniz by a nickname, “Diente,” a reference to “the way he has his teeth.”

Reyes testified he was driving a 2011 white Acura that’s been seen in many surveillance videos of the murder scene on East 183rd Street and Bathgate Avenue in the Bronx.

He said after he decided to leave the bodega, because he recognized Junior as someone he’d met, he went outside and tried to warn other gang members about surveillance.

“Take the guys out of there,” Sosa said he yelled, “They have cameras.”

The Cruz & Chiky bodega had at least a dozen surveillance cameras in the store’s interior and outside, as well.

The warning was given too late.

Seconds after Reyes left the bodega, he said Kevin Alvarez and “the guy with the green do rag” were dragging the petrified Junior out to the sidewalk.

Reyes testified he saw the attack.

Even though he was a member of the “Bad Boys” set of the Trinitarios gang, he said some members of the Los Sures set that participated in the stabbing got into his back seat, after Junior had been stabbed by the mob on the bodega sidewalk.

He testified the guy with the do rag got in the seat behind him, “Diente” was in the middle, rear seat, and the guy “with the red t-shirt and the red hat” was in the other rear seat.

Reyes said Muniz, carrying a machete, had a warning for him.

“He told me not to speed up quickly, because if the police stop us, he will be responsible for the machete—and where could he hide it.”

“He told us if the police stop us, no one could talk, because we know what will happen to us, if we talk.”

Reyes later testified that a black Acura involved in the Junior chase belonged to suspect Gabriel Ramirez Concepcion, who was later arrested.

He also said that defendant Manuel Rivera apologized to the stabber who was wearing a dark cloth over his face, a man prosecutors identified as Elvin Garcia.

Manuel, 18 years old at the time, asked for forgiveness after Garcia allegedly said, “This c—ksucker cut my hand.”

Prosecutors have said Garcia got a wound in one hand when he was cut by a knife during the stabbing frenzy.

Reyes remembered that Los Sures leader, Diego Suero, advised Garcia to “go to a hospital far from the Bronx.”

Garcia allegedly ended up at Columbia-University Medical Center in Manhattan.

The prosecutor ended up asking Michael Reyes about the plea agreement she made with him, and it was revealed Reyes pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the first degree last year.

But the charges “will be dismissed,” prosecutor Morgan Dolan pointed out, if Reyes testifies truthfully.

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