New York (PIX11) Actress Hailee Kaleem Wright is a woman with an inspiring story. She was once unhoused and living in New York City while pursuing her dream of performing. Now, multi-hyphenate performer is on Broadway and amazing crowds with her strong vocals.

Hailee expresses what it was like to overcome her tough times with encouragement from her family. She also mentions wanting to make it out of that situation gave her the drive to keep going on auditions. Her acting break came with the Broadway show ‘Paradise Square.’ Hailee says it was a blessing, thrilling, and at the same time challenging. And now, she finds herself in her second Broadway show ‘Six,’ portraying ‘Catherine of Aragon’.

‘Six’ follows a pop concert featuring the six ex-wives of Henry VIII. For the budding star, just getting into the costume makes her feel like a warrior going into battle.

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