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NEW YORK — Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday he would not make a new, special appointment to fill the vacancy left by Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson after his untimely death last week. Instead, Chief Assistant DA Eric Gonzalez will fill the position, according to a statement from Cuomo.

Gonzalez will fill the role until the next election for district attorney, according to Cuomo’s statement.

“Ken Thompson established a new model at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office,” Cuomo said. “His focus on proving innocence as well as proving guilt set a new precedent. His legacy should be the continuation of that model and his selection of the person who should run the office in his absence — his number two — should be honored.”

Thompson named Gonzalez to continue his work when he announced he was battling cancer earlier this month.

“During the absences occasioned by my treatment and recovery, the Kings County District Attorney’s Office will be led by Chief Assistant Eric Gonzalez, alongside others on the executive team,” Thompson’s statement reads.

There was a push by Brooklyn Democrats for Cuomo to fill the position with former Legal Aid lawyer Letitia James, according to the Daily News.

Still, several other legal groups urged Cuomo to keep Gonzalez in the position due to his long history at the DA’s office.