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At almost the same time Governor Andrew Cuomo was talking in Albany about ways to curb gun violence, there was another burst of gunfire on the streets of Brooklyn. An elderly woman was caught in the crossfire.

90-year-old Gloria Johnson had just left a laundromat on Blake Avenue and was crossing the street on the way to her apartment a block away when a silver car  raced by and fired at least four shots toward a group of kids standing on the corner.

None of them was hit, but Johnson took two, and possibly three bullets in her arm.  Staf  Ali, who works in his family’s deli on the corner, rushed to help the woman. “She was bleeding badly, and was very nervous,” he told us. He stayed with her until an ambulance arrived and took her to Brookdale Hospital.

90-year-old Gloria Johnson was leaving a laundromat and crossing the street when she was shot in the arm

The woman’s son Alvin said she told him she heard the gunshots and didn’t realize immediately that she had been shot.  The silver car sped off, but was later found parked a few blocks away.  It’s occupants were gone.

Police were canvassing the neighborhood for leads.  They’re hopeful that surveillance cameras on the block recorded the shooting.   Councilman Charles Barron, who visited Johnson in the hospital, told PIX11 News that she is in good spirits and eager to go home.

She is listed in stable condition. Her wounds are not life-threatening.  Barron, who plans to stage an anti-gun protest at the scene of the shooting Thursday, told us, “It’s a shame that a 90 year old grandmother is unable to cross the street in her own neighborhood safely.”