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ALBANY, N.Y. — Seven University at Albany students are accused of blindfolding sorority recruits, making them eat mud and dousing them in rotten eggs and milk, sending one pledge to the hospital.

The Times-Union of Albany reports that one sickened victim was treated and released from a hospital after she experienced an allergic reaction.

Albany police made the arrests early Thursday and seven women were arraigned on misdemeanor hazing charges.

Katrina Bergvoy, Heaven Guanco, Monica Vitagliano, Tereyza Martin, Chinazao Ezekwem, Nicole Johnson and Jessica Raynor were arrested at the scene Thursday morning and each charged with one count of first degree hazing and one count second degree hazing.

The victim told police the students told her to get on the ground and forced her to eat what appeared to be mud while pouring rotten milk and eggs, mold-covered food and the liquid that smelled like urine onto her face.

Police said they responded to a home on the 400 block of Hamilton Street for a loud noise complaint. They found four victims being subjected to what appeared to be sorority initiation.

A spokesman for the university said Alpha Omicron Pi is not a recognized sorority at the school.