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SAN FRANCISO, California – New details suggest three escaped prisoners could be alive, 50 years after Alcatraz prison officials claimed they drowned.

More than five decades after three men broke out of Alcatraz, there are new leads in family secrets that may solve this country’s most notorious cold case.

In June 1962, three inmates, brothers John and Clarence Anglin, and Frank Morris, escaped the world’s toughest penitentiary through a hole they chiseled in the wall.

To mask their escape, they placed realistic dummy heads made out of paper mache, and human hair from the prison barbershop.

Alcatraz officials have long stated the men had drowned. But now, according to a new History Channel program called “Alcatraz: Search for the Truth”, nephews of the two men say that family kept quiet about evidence, which includes hand-written Christmas cards and photographs that prove that they did indeed survive.

It is possible that after escaping, the Anglin brothers fled to South America and may still be alive today, in Brazil.

If they are still alive, both would be in their mid-eighties. But by now, international laws may not even allow extradition back to the US.

The family says if the bodies are found, they want to bury the brothers in the family plot in Florida.