NEW YORK (PIX11)­— Four men have been charged with murder-for-hire in the shooting death of a Queens man outside a karaoke bar three years ago, authorities said Tuesday.

Qing Ming Yu, 54, Antony Abreu, 34, You You, 34, and Zhe Zhang, 34, are accused of plotting to kill  Xin Gu, 31, during a Lunar New Year party on  Feb. 12, 2019, federal prosecutors said.

Gu had just walked out of the Shangrila karaoke bar on Fowler Avenue and was about to get into a vehicle when a masked man came up to him and shot him in the head and chest several times, police said. Gu was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, police said.

Yu allegedly hired his nephew, You, to kill Gu over a perceived business dispute. You then allegedly hired Zhang and Abreu to help carry out the plot. Prosecutors allege the defendants knew about the victim’s party and decided to kill him that night, with You acting as a lookout and Zhang as the getaway driver. Abreu allegedly shot Gu multiple times, prosecutors said.

Gu worked for Yu’s property development company for three years before leaving to start his own business. After the victim left, several clients abandoned Yu’s company, officials said.

“As alleged, the defendants callously used gun violence to resolve a business dispute, reducing the value of a man’s life to a dollar figure, and bringing trauma and mourning to the community,” stated United States Attorney Peace. 

The defendants were indicted in Brooklyn federal court. Yu and You were arrested Tuesday in New York and Zhang was captured in California. Abreu was already in federal custody serving a sentence in another case, officials said.