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THE BRONX — NYPD detectives showed off 14 of the weapons recovered during a long investigation into a gang that ruthlessly controlled the crack-cocaine market in and around the Melrose and Jackson Public Housing complexes in the Bronx.

Twenty-two members of the MacBallers, a gang related to be more commonly known Bloods, were indicted. Twenty have already been arrested.

“The investigation is continuing and these 22 people are not the only ones are going to go after,” said the lead investigator. “But we’re going to continue until everyone in the Bronx feel safe.”

Detectives said the gang bust is unique because it did not involve traditional undercover drug buying tactics.

Instead, detectives carefully mapped out 12 non-fatal shootings, seven instances of shots fired and a seven-year-old homicide.

They cross referenced all that information with witnesses, informants, and even social media posts to build a case.

The case will be prosecuted as a federal racketeering case.