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You could call them pints with a purpose.

Over one thousand breweries are heeding a call to action, they’ve joined forces to raise money for the victims of the deadly Camp Fire in California

The beer is named “Resilience,” and was created by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

Their headquarters are in Northern California, and they posted a letter online reading in part:

“The brewery is seeding this fund with an initial $100,000 to get started. Once the fire is out, we will distribute all donated money”

Randolph Beer in Dumbo is one of the breweries participating.

“The craft beer community we all come together,” said Kyle Kensrue, the operations manager and a partner at Randolph Brewery. “We all like to support each other so when Sierra Nevada put out that bat signal it’s like we got to come help anyway we can”

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Westchester will also participate.

“It gives us an opportunity,” said JD Hessemer, the Brewing Manager at Captain Lawrence. “No matter what happens we are always here for them and we’ll do anything we can to help them out”

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