NEW YORK — Batter up! The 24th consecutive New York Mets baseball season on PIX11 is in full swing!

This year, PIX11 will provide 27 broadcasts and exclusive livestreams for tri-state area residents with select television service providers. Click here to learn more about whether your television service provider will allow you to livestream, how to log into the video player and more FAQs.

Streaming on the PIX11 News app is not supported, but if you live in the New York City metro area and you have Optimum, Fios, or Altice TV service, you can livestream games on your phone, tablet or laptop by opening the livestream page on your device’s web browser.

For more news on players, game scores, and other Amazin’ stories, visit the PIX11 Mets page.

See the full schedule below:

Game DayDateOpponentTimeHome/AwayScore
1.Sunday March 12Rays (pre-season)1 p.m.Port St. LucieL: 10-4
2.SaturdayMarch 25Cardinals (pre-season)6 p.m.Port St. LucieT: 4-4
3.SundayMarch 26Marlins (pre-season)4 p.m.Port St. LucieT: 3-3
4.SaturdayApril 15Athletics4 p.m.AwayW: 3-2
5.SundayApril 16Athletics4:30 p.m.AwayW: 4-3
6.FridayApril 28Braves7 p.m.HomeL: 4-0
7.FridayMay 12Nationals7 p.m.AwayW: 3-2
8.Sunday May 21Guardians1:40 p.m.HomeW: 5-4
9.FridayMay 26Rockies8:30 p.m.AwayW: 5-2
10.SaturdayMay 27Rockies9 p.m.AwayL: 7-10
11.TuesdayJune 13Yankees7 p.m.HomeL: 6-7
12.SaturdayJune 17Cardinals4 p.m.HomeL: 5-3
13.SundayJune 18Cardinals1:30 p.m.HomeL: 7-8
14.SaturdayJune 24Phillies4 p.m.AwayW: 4-2
15.SundayJune 25Phillies1:30 p.m.AwayL: 7-6
16.SundayJuly 9Padres4 p.m.AwayL: 6-2
17.SundayJuly 16Dodgers1:30 p.m.HomeW: 2-1
18.SaturdayJuly 22Red Sox4 p.m.AwayL: 6-8
19.FridayJuly 28Nationals7 p.m.HomeW: 5-1
20.SundayJuly 30Nationals1:30 p.m.HomeW: 5-2
21.SaturdayAug. 19Cardinals7 p.m.AwayW: 13-2
22.SundayAug. 20Cardinals2 p.m.AwayL: 7-3
23.FridayAug. 25Angels7 p.m.Home

L: 3-1
24.MondayAug. 28Rangers7 p.m.HomeL: 3-4
25.SundaySept. 17Reds1:30 p.m.HomeW: 8-4
26.SundaySept. 24Phillies6 p.m.AwayL: 5-2
27.SaturdaySept. 30Phillies7 p.m.HomeW: 11-4

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