NEW YORK (PIX11) — A person doesn’t just wake up with a brand-new set of skills. One has to do the work.

That’s what Emmy Award-winning puppeteer David Bizzaro, whose talents were showcased in “The Muppets” and “Sesame Street,” did. He joined New York Living on Friday to talk about his start in puppeteering.

“In a week, I taught myself how to build, perform, shoot and write for puppets,” Bizzaro said. “I always had to create my own opportunities.”

Bizzaro brought one of his creations, Jerry Fauchaughkle, with him to the set of New York Living. Watch the video player above for the full interview.

Bizzaro will be performing as Mochi alongside former First Lady Michelle Obama in the new season of “Waffles + Mochi” on Netflix, which comes out next month.