FAIR LAWN, NJ (PIX11) — A New Jersey man created a massive ‘Stranger Things’ display on the front lawn of his Fair Lawn home. Inspired by the popular Netflix hit, the house is now attracting dozens of visitors, just in time for Halloween.

This is the third year that Dave Carota is transforming his home into a Hawkins, Indiana masterpiece; a nod to the spooky sci-fi thriller, ‘Stranger Things.’

“I was inspired by the 1980s nostalgia in the show. The way the characters were portrayed was almost exactly like my childhood in the 80s and 90s growing up with my friends in a rural area of New Jersey,” Carota said.

It’s been drumming up a positive response from neighbors, too, entranced by the creepily realistic displays, which Carota mostly makes by hand and documents on Instagram @StrangerThingsHouse_NJ.

“I had a vision. There was a way I really wanted it to look,” Carota said.

And it worked.

Now, people are coming from all over to see it — including New York and Pennsylvania, Carota said.
On Sunday night, nearly 200 people stopped by to see the mini-scenes from the popular series playing out before their eyes.

The sequences include Vecna’s bewitching grandfather clock, crooked Crissy, and yes — levitating, possessed Max Mayfield.

Carota had started building the 2022 display on Sept. 8th, and even uses donated items from friends and neighbors to make the exhibit pop.
To stay on brand, this year, Carota is dressing up as lovable Hellfire president Eddie Munson, while his daughter, skateboard in hand, will be Max.

He welcomes visitors to drive by the front lawn of his home, at 19-21 11th street in Fair Lawn, and enjoy the show through Halloween evening.

And for those ‘Stranger Things’ stans who can’t make it out this Halloween — don’t fret. Carota promises an epic lawn finale for the fifth and final season.

“When the next season hits, I’m gonna build double,” he said. “For me, it’s just fun.”