Larry Adams enters the marketing industry with over a decade of experience working in the sphere of digital product design and marketing for notable companies like HBO Max. However, through experience, Adams was always dedicated to marketing without bias, ensuring every demographic was reached in his marketing campaign. That is what led him to establish X_Stereotype, considered to be “the world’s first inclusion operating system eliminating stereotypes and bias in marketing”.

X_Stereotype is an AI-driven tool that evaluates marketing content through an inclusion lens. Founded by marketing specialist Larry Adams and a team of neuroscientists and psychologists, X_Stereotype generates an insights scorecard that may detect racial prejudice and risk factors in marketing content. X_Stereotype generates 39 distinct metrics for each demographic as you plan and activate your content.

CEO Larry Adams sees X_Stereotype as a break from traditional marketing methods. In the latest edition of Founder’s Story with Daniel Robbins, he said, “We developed a new set of inclusion instruments that can empower marketers.” In practice, X_Stereotype evaluates millions of data points faster than any human, resulting in the development of Inclusion IQ and Bias IQ as part of market research activities.

The X_Stereotype platform can cut through the noise and give a more impactful means to have a more engaging dialogue with the correct and most diverse audience that best fits the brand’s needs.