Not many entrepreneurs have started or succeeded at running a business in the pre-internet years or built on that success by leveraging the internet and social media. Serial entrepreneur Kris Whitehead ticks all the boxes with his 25 years of entrepreneurship experience, during which he has raised five successful businesses from the ground up.

Kris Whitehead is the founder and CEO of ICONIC Alliance, he is a best-selling author who helps entrepreneurs identify themselves and their goals and work towards actualizing them. Kris has been in business for 25 years, he has raised 5 successful businesses within 17 of those years and he is currently managing the day-to-day affairs of three successful companies currently; Kris is changing the landscape of business coaching and mentorship.

Seeing as the internet is awash with coaches who teach from what they read in a book, Kris was inspired to start ICONIC Alliance because up-and-coming entrepreneurs deserve to have access to coaches and mentors who have seen it and done it. According to Kris, this is essential because experience makes mentorship worthwhile; that way, he can help his mentees identify and navigate the numerous pitfalls along their entrepreneurial journey.

Kris describes himself as “the most unqualified person to start a business” 25 years ago but notes that his refusal to quit on himself puts him in a position to mentor and help other aspiring entrepreneurs. This is because, when he started his business, he needed mentorship, but the absence of social media made it impossible to reach out quickly to potential mentors. As a successful entrepreneur, ICONIC Alliance is his way of giving back and ensuring that up-and-coming entrepreneurs never have to go through what he went through.

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