There are a select few individuals in the fast-paced world of public relations who stand out for their exceptional skills and unwavering commitment. Liana Zavo, an extremely successful keynote speaker, PR and media mogul, author, publicity strategist, personal branding expert, and Forbes thought leader, is one such professional. Her global PR firm, ZavoMedia PR Group, has assisted numerous founders and companies establish themselves as authorities in their respective industries. In this interview, we delve into the reasons for her remarkable success, debunk some common PR fallacies, discuss the benefits of PR for small businesses, and learn the strategies she recommends for unlocking the secrets of luck.

When asked about the motivation behind her extraordinary accomplishments, Liana emphasized her deep-seated desire to help others succeed. The remarkable grace and unswerving dedication she brings to her clients’ work reflect her genuine commitment to their success. Liana derives enormous gratification from seeing her national and international clients flourish and achieve new heights, which she accomplishes by assisting founders and companies in establishing themselves as the foremost authorities in their respective fields.

Liana has added another impressive achievement to her already remarkable career. She authored a book titled B.E.P.I.C., which stands for a one-word acronym that further solidifies her authority in the field. This book serves as a testament to Liana’s expertise and established authority, offering readers valuable insights and strategies for success in the world of how to be seen and heard. With her extensive experience and innovative thinking, Liana continues to reshape the industry and inspire others to reach new heights in their PR endeavors.

As a seasoned PR professional, Liana understands the significance of eradicating prevalent industry fallacies. A common misconception is that public relations is solely about generating media coverage. Liana emphasizes that effective public relations necessitates a comprehensive strategy incorporating reputation management, personal branding, and strategic partnerships. By highlighting these factors, public relations can transform a company’s image and increase its market credibility.

During her recent keynote address, Liana discussed the significance of personal branding, a successful PR campaign, the implementation of artificial intelligence in the PR industry, and the significance of a solid online reputation. Liana shared the following advice and benefits for small enterprises seeking to utilize PR:

  • Establishing a personal brand enables small businesses to engage more deeply with their target audience, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • A well-executed public relations campaign can generate positive media coverage, increase brand visibility, and attract new customers.
  • Integrating AI technologies can expedite PR processes, such as media monitoring, sentiment analysis, and audience targeting, resulting in increased efficiency and enhanced outcomes.
  • A robust online reputation can significantly impact the expansion of a modest business. Businesses can advance digitally by proactively administering online reviews, interacting with customers, and highlighting positive testimonials.

In a recent Forbes article, Liana explored techniques for discovering the secrets to serendipity. She emphasized that fate is not entirely arbitrary and can be influenced by specific strategies. Liana suggested practicing gratitude, cultivating a growth mindset, taking calculated risks, constructing a solid network, and embracing opportunities outside one’s comfort zone. Individuals can create their fate and seize opportunities for success by employing these strategies.

What distinguishes Liana as a leader in the PR industry is her capacity to influence the course of other businesses. She has continually proven her skill in personal branding, strategic communication, and reputation management via her worldwide PR agency. Liana’s distinct approach to public relations and unwavering commitment to her clients have garnered her a reputation as an influential industry leader. By imparting her insights and experiences, she motivates and guides others toward success.

In public relations, Liana is a shining example of accomplishment and commitment. Liana’s extraordinary achievements, fueled by her desire to help others flourish, have earned her a prominent position within the global public relations industry. Liana continues to shape the industry and empower small businesses to accomplish their goals by dispelling PR fallacies, sharing valuable insights, and influencing the trajectory of other companies.

Creative director: Praise Levi @praiseposh

Video & Photo Credit: Pranto Podder @urbanshots_

Written in partnership with ZavoMedia PR Group