With years of experience working for global brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and General Motors, to mention a few, it was no surprise that Sunny McGaw became a creative director at 41, defying the odds in a male-dominated industry. She continued her trailblazing path, which included delivering a TEDx talk in numerous countries before she founded and built a seven-figure business, proving age is not a barrier to success. Her passion for empowering women led her to establish “Sunny McGaw Marketing” at age 50.

As a business professional who comes from an entrepreneurial family, McGaw despite her rise to the executive cadre in the corporate world remained drawn to branching out into the world of entrepreneurship. This was one of the reasons why she kept a side hustle as an entrepreneur even while in the corporate world. Ultimately, she decided to quit her day job to focus on her entrepreneurial calling, both in practice and as a coach, she revealed while appearing on Founder’s Story with Lee O’Brien.

Sunny McGaw offers unique, result-driven marketing for ambitious entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small businesses, especially women-owned businesses. Leveraging her several decades of experience in creative and marketing roles, McGaw has seen it all as far as selling a product goes, and this she seeks to replicate for established and up-and-coming business owners across industries.

Armed with a team of seasoned marketing experts, Sunny McGaw Marketing helps businesses unlock the secret to sustainable success by implementing an expert marketing strategy curated and tailored to each business’s needs.